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Welcome to our CAFE!

Well it is really your cafe. You make us want to be here.

And that is why we serve great treats and drinks for you, your friends and your family on a cold-need-a-hot-chai-day or on a hot-gotta-drink-an-iced-pineapple-lemonade-day,...Lets not forget our # 1 passion: CHURROS !

                                                   Pronounced "Sho-Ko-Al"

In Mayan Cultures Cocoa was the basic for a thick and unsweetened drink called Xocoatl believed to be a health elixir. Xocoatl derives of the words

Xoco = Bitter
Atl = Water      and is the source of the word Chocolate itself...

Xocoatl is taken from the cocoa bean before processing and although used to make Chocolate.

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