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  • Do you cater wedding and events?
    We can provide Churros for any event, large or small.
  • I want to place an order ahead of time - Can I do that?
    Absolutely! We can accommodate pre-orders with a minimum purchase of $25. They can be made by calling in during our regular business hours or online ordering. Please note, orders over 100 churros must be placed at least 1 day in advance. No orders are confirmed until you have received confirmation from someone at the store.
  • Can I order churros for pick up or delivery?
    Yes you can! Just go to online ordering or give your local Xurro a call to place the order.
  • Do you have gift cards?
    We sure do! Gift cards can be purchase in our stores for any amount above 10dls.
  • Are your churros vegan?
    Yes, They are
  • What are my Churros fried in?
    Vegetable shortening. No lard is used in our product.
  • Do you wholesale?
    Yes we do, Churros are $0.80 each when your order is greater than100. For school please go to Fundraising
  • Do you have a Food Truck
    Yes, We do. Here is our difernt services we provide 300 fresh made churros with a total of 2 hours of truck presence for $600. Price per Churro $2.00 plus tax 500 fresh made churros with a 3 hours truck presence $800. Price per Churro $1.60 Plus 800 fresh made churros with a 4 hours of truck presence $1,000. Price per Churro $1.25 A travel fee is added after the first 30 miles. A Charge of $2 for each mile up to 30 extra miles. If you are interested on any of the packages, we will need to verify the date and time of your event to make sure truck is available.
  • Are you hiring?
    We are always looking for great team members. You can apply online by clicking on Career
  • Do you offer different Churros?
    Yes, Please go to menu to see all of our options
  • Do you franchise?
    Unfortunately, at this time we are not offering franchise opportunities.
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